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How much can I make before I have to file taxes?

What is the maximum amount I can make before I have to file taxes? I live in the US.


I think for freelance work it might varies from state to state. For me (Washington state) self-income is taxable at $9000 I think. Try looking it up for your specific state!


For tax related questions suggest you contact your accountant or local tax office.


Most states require paying taxes if you earn more than $600. However, the real question is how much can you earn before someone files a 1099. As that’s the only way state and federal governments will know you earned. (Someone will jump on here and scream loud and long the government KNOWS everything that is happening in your bank account. To which I calmly say prove it.)

Fiverr does not 1099. Paypal only 1099’s if you take in BOTH $20,000 and 200 income transactions in a year. So take your money out of Fiverr just once a week all year and nobody is going to 1099 you.


Thank you soo much. You are so funny.

I guess we just stay under the radar. LOL.