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How much can I withdraw to my bank account using payoneer?

I have 90$ in my payoneer account. Can i withdraw to my bank?

Yes, however, there is a $1 service fee per transaction, so I usually wait until I have a larger amount. :wink:


I have 90$ in payoneer account. But I want to withdraw to local bank account not in payoneer card but it says i need minimum $1000 to withdraw to bank.

Hmm, maybe it is different in different countries. I am in the US and I have withdrawn amounts smaller that $1000 to my bank account many times! :thinking:

You cannot withdraw less than a $1000 from your Payoneer to your local bank account. You can only transact with another user of the same platform and even at that, you cannot transact less than $200

i have no payoneer card.

I guess it differs by country. However, Payoneer card can withdraw any amount in any country, I suppose

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I do not have a Payoneer cart either.

is there any way to get my this money?

You withdraw to your local bank account?

Like I said, you may purchase with it from another Payoneer account holder who uses your local currency too

You mean i can transfer it to my other friend payoneer account?

Yes, in exchange for the local currency. It has to be a trustworthy friend though

Its means i Have lost my funds.

Not you don’t lose it. The idea is that you will communicate the exchange rate between you and the partner. Then you will exchange the USD for the local currency which he will transfer to your local account and you transfer the USD to him from Payoneer

Okay! Thanks for your time brother!

You are always welcome

There is not the other way around?

There is, but it has to be with a particular minimum amount you can withdraw at once. Try it out and you will get all the necessary details from payoneer

The minimum amount keep fluctuating, isn’t it? I noticed and I got different notifications.