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How much click per impression is good for starters?

Hello, I’m new and only started 15 days ago. My gig has 444 impression 4 clicks without gig marketing and 1 order completed from buyer request. Am I improving ? what should I do to improve more? Thanks.


You have got an order within 15 days!!
You are doing great man!
Do as usual you do.
Best of luck.


It depends on a number of factors.

The fact that you have been working is a good sign.

However, because Fiverr rotates Gigs on a regular basis to make it fair for everyone, you will see your impression stats go up and down.

That’s normal.

Just keep working on your skills and reading tips from others here on the Forum.


That’s really great ! keep it up

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My schedule is like a swing).
I’m just doing my job.

what do you mean? can you elaborate?

If there are buyers and there are sales, this is the most important thing. Nothing else matters…)

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