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How much days you have to wait to get the first order?

Iam new here, and also I am waiting for my first order.
Someone can tell me their experience, how much days have to wait to get the first order ?


It varies, people get orders on the first day as well as some don’t get orders for months. This is an open marketplace, if your gig is optimised well for search, your gig images are impressive your description is nicely written and is error free, your prices are competitive then you have a fairly good chance of landing an order soon.
Please keep reading posts on the tips for seller section and keep educating yourself about fiverr on youtube and for sure you will get an order soon.

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thankk you for your advice ! and helpp

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Well. i think is like everything in life, you need to try and wait.
You can go to buyers request to show buyers what you do, sometime, it works!

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but I can not go there, because new seller are not allowed…