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How much delivery rate increases with 4 orders?


I want to know that few days ago after 3 months of vecation gap i opened my account and day after opening i got 1 order. I send the custom offer for 5 days but i dont know how it converts to 1 day. i didn’t know about the resolution center at that time. i complete it in 3 ay and delivered. after 2 days client ask for revision. then on the same day i gain delivered and client again after almost 60 hours ask for 1 more revision and then its completed after 1 day more so its been late.
And my delivery rate is drooped to 50%. after that i have done 02 basic orders and 03 more orders are in process. hope i complete all before 13th of jan.
I want to know how much can i increase my delivery rate by these running orders. Now the delivery rate is 50%.