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How much Delivery Time Effect your gig?

I have 3 Days Delivery time in all my Gigs (with 1 Day as Express Ofcourse) Now i got few more hours of freedom in my day as i quit my gym. So i can change that to 2 Days. Question is… Should I? How much does that effect in your orders?



LOL! Looking at your profile image and the signature, I thought you are from United Kingdom. I would say don’t quit the gym and mark the delivery time as 3 days.

It is difficult to say exactly but of course quicker delivery will almost always be preferable.
In terms of showing up in search results, it shouldnt make much difference as the filters (if used) are for “under 24 hours”, “up to 3 days”, “up to 7 days” and “Any” so going from 3 to 2 days wont affect that.