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How Much Did You Make In Your 1st Month on Fiverr AND How Much Do You Make Now?

Hi fellow sellers!

I became a fiverr seller in April 2015. During that first month, I made $170, which I was more than happy with. Little did I know, I’d end up making more and more each month (+100 to +200 every month). Last month, I nearly hit $1,000 and currently, I’m closing out the month with $1,100! I almost can’t believe it and couldn’t have done it without all of these amazing tips people post on here!! If you haven’t read through any yet, I strongly urge you to RIGHT NOW.

What started off as something supplemental, has me earning part-time income. Though, I must admit, I feel like I’m working much harder than a part-timer, but all the hard work has been paying off. And best of all, it’s work I thoroughly enjoy!

How about you? :slight_smile:



I won’t state specifics, but my business is growing at least 200% month over month - and for that, I am so grateful! It’s a lot of long hours and hard work, but worth it!


Hi authoreva
How many hours you wor in a day to earn $1100 monthly?
you work part time or full time?

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i didnt make anything in the first three months… And the next three i made only 50… but im very positive and keen on working with FIverr and i will make certainly make abt 1000$ Every month…Thats my goal !!!

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^^^^ Good luck to you

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Starting in the second week of February, 2015 I made ~$60.

October 2015 I made over $800, and sales are still climbing.

Hooray for success :slight_smile:


160 USD my first month also made it to level 1 seller within the same month.


My first month I’m not sure that I made anything… Probably less than $20. That was over two years ago. As of Friday, I left my 6 figure day job and will be working full-time as a self employed / Freelance copywriter. A large portion of my monthly income is from Fiverr.


I have same story but my first 2 months and this last month was bad.
Rest is the same.


I have only one active gig which I started exactly one month ago from now (may 2017). I earned $1000+ for the first month. :slight_smile: hoping to increase it.

Congratulations are in order it seems! :slight_smile:
I’m a newcomer in this freelancing business. I just made my first sale yesterday, which turned out to be so grand that I was overwhelmed. I even got a tip for my service. I’m really happy. I believe in my talents, and am looking forward to be as successful as all of you above, soon. :smile: Wish me luck!


wow thats great to know… All the best buddy !

Wow what are you selling dude ? Arms & Ammunitions :slight_smile: all the best

All the best wishing you super success here on Fiverr !

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Woa, great success stories here!

Okay, I guess its my turn to weigh in…

Started here two months back, had no idea the system works so I did my best to test it out and…
First Month, $516, second month; $908, third month (this month: $1066 and counting) - I gotta tell you, Fiverr rocks!

I’m sure there’re many making much more than this, For me, its just great.


Let me jump in :slight_smile:

I started back in december 2016, made like 100$. My best month was September of this year, when I made 1468,58$. If really felt amazing, especially because I am working on this business no more than 2-3 hours per day. I am in the writing and translation niche, if anyone is interested.

Go make some cash :slight_smile:


Some reality for people… I made about $30 for my first month, but I havent even given fiverr one hour a day.

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It is SO cool to hear about success stories like this! It’s an inspiration for the rest of us! So happy for you!

It’s cool reading down these comment threads and seeing all the other people who have increased their sales at rates of 100% or more each month! WOW!

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Update: I’m now earning full-time income. :smiley: Between 2,000 and 3,000.


WOOHOO!!! That’s too cool! :tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::balloon::balloon::balloon:

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