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How much did you make in your first month?

Hey all, I see there are some super old similar questions, but its 2020 so lets try again…

Without showing off, bragging etc, Im just curious as to what people made (I mean feel free to not say) in your first month?

October will be my first full month, I have only 1 gig and ive completed about 40 orders, so Im currently on 1150 dollars, with 35/35 5 star reviews - Just wondering if this is good? do you think it can increase in the coming months or is this about right? Im pretty lucky my gig has had 47k impressions, so I obviously found a decent niche. And so far Ive lured all my customers in with a 10 dollar gig, then have about 40% upsell to my 80 dollar gig :slight_smile: so its been great working with the same clients.

Hows things going for you guys? of course 1k isnt enough to live on, but its certainly a fantastic start - but I have no real comparison so maybe its crap, I dunno. Anyone else care to share?


My first month, i got nothing. Here’s why. I created my account in 2016, and then i got scared. I wondered how i would get buyers with so many sellers already here. I didn’t bother creating a gig. I just left. Fast forward to 2019, after my NYSC (a para-military thing in my country for all graduates), while looking for a job i decided to try my hands on fiverr again. Instead of creating a new account, i revived this one. I created my first gig and waited for about four months before i got my first order in october 2019. That job was $20 and it was the only money i made that month. I guess i can safely say this month marks my one yr anniversary. lol :smile: :grin: And this month, i already have $220 on delievered jobs with $16 in expected earning.

I think i should have created a new account tho, some buyers who reached out then would ask me why i had no reviews after 3 years and after i reply, they would zoom off.

Anyway, it’s being an enlightening journey so far.


I did not earn anything during first month. :frowning_face:

My sales 1st mth = 1 order, $12 earnings. :joy:

You, damn good achievement and I believe it will even rise. There are crowds and crowds of wanabe popular youtubers that would like a share of monetization pie…

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Ah, well keep trying bud. What are your impressions like? Many clicks onto your gig?

Yeah true that, its pretty hard to growth anything these days as everything is so over populated, but everyone wants to be star i guess lol.

Thanks for sharing, and yeah maybe a new account would have helped, but im never really sure how they rank their gigs to be fair.

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New comers do get an advantage on the algorithm to boost them.