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How much do I get? Fiverr's cut?


So let’s say I was providing a service like (as an example) register a domain for anyone that orders the gig. I have been a buyer so far on fiverr.

I noticed the processing fee on my orders, is that Fiverr’s cut?

I see prices in Canadian Dollars but let’s use US Dollars…

Let’s say I price $5, Fiverr’s processing fee is going to be let’s say $1, so buyer will be charged $6. How much do I get? Because I am going to register the domain for the buyer. If the domain is costing $4 and Fiverr takes $2 then out of $6, I would get $4 and no profit.

I am using domain buying as an example as in my day job I do purchase domains for clients who don’t want to do it themselves.

What is the % Fiverr takes in? Is it only the processing fee? or is that for what paypal/mastercard/visa/etc…charges them then Fiverr takes something extra for their fee.

I understand Fiverr takes a fee, just like any business that wants to make money. When I purchase a t-shirt for $100 and pay with mastercard, the clothing store won’t see $100. mastercard gets let’s say $3 and the clothing store gets $97.


Fiverr’s Cut:



So if I was charging $100, I would get $80 and the buyer pays the processing fee? only $20 gets reduced? The processing fee comes out of the buyer’s wallet and not my $100?


Correct. Keep in mind that some gig categories require you to provide something that starts at $5 and when you are new as a seller (no reviews) you would need to have something you could sell at $5-10 no matter the category. Most buyers won’t risk a larger order with a new seller. There is a workaround that is wise to do anyway - if you have a service that would start at $100 but you can find a way to bring it up into a series of smaller orders, that is useful and lower risk.

When you’ve established a reputation, then you can charge more and buyers will be much more likely to have an interest.


I just said $100 to make the math easier.


@miroslavglavic I understood it was an example. It’s quite feasible to charge $100 (or much more) at some point, though. Some sellers stay to the $5 model with micro-jobs for the long term and some don’t. So, I kept your example to explain how you could build up but the percentage would remain 20%. :slight_smile:


I just got my first payment and it’s only 80% of what i charged (fiverr took it’s cut) but the cut came out of my pocket… not the buyers???