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How much do the TRS make monthly on an average?

I hope I can get an estimate of the average monthly earnings of a TRS seller. This can help us determine whether it is worth working towards becoming TRS?



Discussing or displaying earnings is probably not a good move on a Forum. The badge itself may not be a true indicator of average or potential earnings. Badge aside, it is indeed “worth working towards” simply being a high volume and high rated Seller. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I think that depends on the seller, but certainly can’t be bad since you get tons more exposure!

yes but it would be nice if someone can share some rough figures

Reply to @aliabbasjp: I disagree. It is none of my business how much someone else makes, it is not considered a polite topic of conversation, and it attracts hackers to accounts. :slight_smile:

Reply to @cheezees: I asked that to so that other can take a decision.

Much agreed @voiceoverwork. Top rated sellers make a wide variety of amounts per month. It all depends on the quality of their work, and how hard they work to promote themselves to drive sales. I don’t believe the status brings you more money. Quality of work always drives traffic and sales :slight_smile:


There’s no decision to be made. Since it’s not up to you whether you become a TRS seller or not.

You either see the potential and decide to work on your own, or you don’t. If you need someone to tell you how much money you could be making here on Fiverr, then chances are you are looking at this from the wrong angle.

Or your numbers right now are not that “motivating”, but that’s usually something that only hard work can overcome and change, and not promises for more money.

If you worked in a coproration, you would not ask your boss how much money you would earn if you got a promotion, so that you could decide whether or not you should be working hard or not!

He would fire you on the spot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @aliabbasjp: I have no idea what decision you are talking about so I repeat:

  1. It is NOT considered a POLITE topic of conversation.
  2. It is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS how much someone else makes.

    I have yet to be convinced otherwise.