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How much do you charge for one-day delivery?

I’m curious to learn about your experience. Did you make more money when you raised that price or did you see less people paying it?

I initially charged $50, but as soon as I could charge $100, I did so (I think its a TRS perk). I don’t get many takers. Some months I’ll get 3, others none, so I can’t offer an average. However, I may drop it down to $50 in the next week to see if anyone bites. On the whole, I am not fond of extra fast deliveries, so my pricing has largely been a deterrent.

Of those who do pay the extra fast fee, most are people who have an urgent deadline (a speech, a presentation, their boss: an external pressure, basically) and just want to get it out of the way. Some appear to just want to skip the queue.

What I will say is that of all my nightmare buyers, a significant percentage ordered the extra fast delivery. I did all of the work and suddenly they wanted their money back because I produced lousy work or they changed their mind. Whether this is related to the high price point or just a co-incidence, I couldn’t say, but I generally approach them with a higher work ethic than usual to avoid disputes (and win them!)

I know you don’t do long copy, but my orders have mainly been for longish sales copy, so I’m already charging in 3 figures. Maybe a good strategy would be to look at the aggregate average price of your gigs and pitch the extra fast at a certain percentage that you like and seems fair.

Yeah, you charging $50 for long copy makes a lot of sense, and if you were to charge $20 or $10, then a lot of people might be ordering one-day delivery and you’d be working 24/7, which isn’t good. Creative people need downtime, time to recharge.

Right now my struggle is between charging more and making less or charging less and making more. I obviously want to make more, but I don’t want to underprice myself either.

Sorry, I know this might be a bit off topic, but when did you actually move away from supplying something like say 300 words to 100 etc? i.e. How many sales/reviews did you have under your belt and what level were you?

I only ask as (if I may say so) I provide great quality, but am terrified of reducing my word per article count in terms of reduced interest in my service.

What you should do is look at your competitors, in the first three rows. See what they offer, how many orders are in their queues, what are their prices, their delivery timelines, etc, then adjust accordingly.

For example, I used to charge $20 for one-day delivery, but then I saw a woman with 49 people in her queue that charges $10. So I adjusted my price, and ended up getting three one-day delivery orders in two days. That is a huge improvement, and it’s making me more money since it encourages more people to order.

With that said, if I had 49 in my queue, I might charge $50 or $100 for one-day delivery, but the goal is always the same, to make more money. If I charge $100 but nobody orders it, I’m losing money.

I charge maybe $10, I’m still level 1 so I’m just focusing on getting those good reviews rather than charges :slight_smile:

My 1 day delivery charge depends on the work. Sometime I charge $10 and sometimes even $100 for a 1 day delivery is low.

I can see you charge $45 for your most popular gig. That’s awesome, I hope you’re getting plenty of orders. You’re working in a category I know nothing about. Accounting was never my greatest subject, although ironically, I do have a spreadsheet with all my orders, gross income, net income, monthly and yearly income.