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How much do you guys earn monthly of fiverr


How much do you guys earn monthly of fiverr (averagely)

just exchange your experience :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


This has been discussed before many-many times, and it is not a good idea to share monthly profits as it will put our accounta at risk, from potential phishing attacks.


Hmmmm, don’t know about others but this is a bit too personal though. Just curious why anyone will want to disclose this.

I may be wrong though!


dear ,this depends your skill


dude,I am not a hacker :rofl::rofl:

Just i wanted to know about your’s.That’s all.
if anyone don’t want to share your experience please don’t reply this.WHAT THE HACK.I AM JUST CRAZY HACKER NOW :rofl::rofl::rofl::pray:


Hey, you need to learn how to read.

I never said anything about you. I only posted what common sense dictates.

People perform phishing/scamming attacks on a daily basis here on Fiverr. So letting them know what each account makes, would help them prioritize.

And I am sure your common sense is also tingling, otherwise, your OP would include how much you make.


Thank you! I didn’t reply to you dude :rofl::rofl::rofl::pray:


Oh, whom were you replying to then?


I was not tagging anyone.didn’t you see that? :rofl:


Yes but your reply, I read it, was in reference to my post.

Are you straight up trolling?

EDIT: I just saw your profile, OK, it all makes sense now.


yes,so what are going to do now.ban my account?


Is a very bad idea, you would be a possible future target. I say this because it happened to me. I just opened a file and after a few days I woke up with some pictures bought worth over $ 1000. The issue was resolved by contacting customer support.


My income is $ 10 per month and keeps going up


great never give up!


You have all the chances.
1- Apart from Envato you use both design and video presentation that you have not created, so you are not entitled.
2- box design - from a Top Rated Seller
3- Unauthorized video presentation-unauthorized VOICE OVER (is at least $ 200-300) - unauthorized ANIMATIONS in the video presentation.

Pull the alarm signal yourself, Yes or No, it’s just a matter of time.


You are clearly not. You are still not able to hit that space bar after a period. Punctuation is very important in coding, in case you didn’t get the pun.

To answer your question: everything @frank_d and @ollydave said, plus: none of your business.


lol! I get it and I’m not a real coder


This is like asking what color your underwear is.



IKR like private stuff I wouldn’t want the world to know. :rofl:


This has been discussed many times before. Please use the search function to find similar topics. Thank you.