How much do you make per day?

  1. Hey guys, I just wanna know how much do you guys make from fiverr? Is it really possible to earn $1000 a month if you have 10-15 well promoted gigs?

  2. How much time do you spend per gig?

  3. Top sources of promoting you gigs?

  4. How many orders do you get per day ?


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks :slight_smile: You are really helpful. Can you please check my gigs and tell me if they are worth it? I mean, are the buyers going to consider my gigs? :slight_smile:


Actually, when it comes to getting income, and good income, it’s best to stick with a few focus gigs and up-sell. Make your base price $5, but make sure that you’re spending no more than 10 to 20 minutes on it, after-all, you’re only getting $4 after everything. That’s about my general spending time for an initial gig. I have gotten max gig orders numerous times and I don’t even promote myself, this is solely from Fiverr and choosing the right keywords and negotiating good deals with clients. Recently I got bulk orders for both writing and SEO, few orders, but if you get them on the up-sell(selling them the gig extras) it’s definitely worth your time.

SEO is key. Choosing the right keywords, having the right video up, and just being found whether via a search engine or through Fiverr. Make sure your description is simple and clear as well as your revisions and what exactly the extras(when you are able to add them) are clear as well.

Order counts vary. Right now I focus on small target niche’ buyers, but soon I will be offering gigs with very minimal effort involved that I plan on selling in bulk, which I am kind of hoping puts me in a potential TRS position. That would be nice. Ha.


Reply to @freelancemm: Thanks for your help. Can you please check my gigs and tell me if they are worth it? I mean, are the buyers going to consider my gigs?


I see a lot of social sharing gigs like yours on here, so perhaps. I think it’s a bit over-done though but you can always try it out.

I recommend for your other one which would be popular to simplify it and make sure you add a video. Rather than say all that, just make a new gig stating “write guests posts and submit to dofollow blogs” as these are the two main things people are looking for and it simplifies the title. Fiverr seems to prefer gigs with Video & short titles.