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How much do you want to earn on Fiverr?


If you’re frustrated with Fiverr, remember that the competition in your category is probably pushing prices down and client expectations up, so adjust accordingly. After all even Fiverr advertises itself to sellers as a part-time, freelance lifestyle, not a full-time job.

Remember, too, that clients are willing to pay higher prices for sellers with higher reviews. Build a strong portfolio of positive reviews and your ability to charge higher prices will rise accordingly.

This is what I learned from my whole day research. If you have anything to share, please go on!


Here are a few articles written by TRS with years of experience :wink:


I want $10k + dollar per month:smile::smile:


Really? I disagree. I am a full-time seller. Fiverr is one of my multiple sources of income. I highly doubt that Fiverr want’s to limit itself. Unless I’m mistaken, Fiverr’s advertising seems to be more along the lines of, “you can make as much money as you want, equal to the amount of effort you put into your services.”

Fiverr’s tagline is, “in Doers We Trust”. That doesn’t sound like a “we’re just a part-time job” brand message to me.


Thanks man. Its really a great learning resources.


Just oposite of what I mentioned. :slight_smile: