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How much does canceling an order impact new sales?

If you cancel a customer’s order, will you see fewer sales going forward? My question stems from a negative experience I had with a buyer at the beginning of August. He purchased a voiceover gig, but during the process, he began asking for a lot of additional items which were not a part of the agreement. I am usually pretty flexible and believe in giving customers extra things sometimes as a way of going above and beyond with customer service. I always go by the “customer is always right” philosophy. But, the buyer was being demanding and unreasonable. It became so ridiculous I actually wondered if I was being scammed. It became obvious the transaction wasn’t going to end well. So, in an effort to avoid tarnishing my 5-star rating, I decided to cancel the order, and the customer agreed. Unfortunately, this was just my second order for the monthly counting period, and that put my completion rate at 88%. I had always maintained a 100% until that point. Since then, I haven’t received a single new order. I have continued with marketing and promoting my gig as much as possible- just as I always have. My orders stopped right after the cancelation. Is it a coincidence, or does Fiverr push your gig down if you cancel an order?

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Yes order cancellation effects a lot. You should contact with Fiverr Customer Support. hopefully they provided a better solutions. Some times it effects a lot like yours.

Thanks for the insight. I suppose it was simply unfortunate timing with it being at the beginning of the counting period. Had it been later in, I would have had some other orders under my belt, and it probably wouldn’t have affected my ratio so much. This experience also opened my eyes to the fact your percentages are not calculated all-time, but restart during new counting periods.

Yes, cancellations affect but as you get new buyers, some become your regular buyers and on cancellation when your gig doesn’t perform well those regular buyers buy from you, give you good ratings and again you can cope up with the harm of the cancellation
Never lose patience

Thank you for the tips! Yes, it is a little frustrating because after promoting and marketing my gig, I was really starting to gain momentum with new business. This issue has certainly put the brakes on the number of new customers. But, I am continuing to work hard, promoting and marketing my gig, and having patience!

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How i contact fiverr customer service. buyer request the order cancelation and if i accept it,it will be impact to my future orders?