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How much does Fiverr take?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering how much Fiverr takes, and also to say it’s very unclear for me.
I’m in Europe, so it’s already confusing that there is an option to show things in Euro’s but everything is mostly shown in dollars anyway.
Then I just completed a custom order, which I had asked a 160 dollars for, and I expected to receive about 150 dollars upon completion, but now when I completed it, it says I earned 128$… Now that’s a bit of a rough cut.

Is this normal? And how can I see a better overview of what goes where?

Thank you


fiverr took 1$ on each order of 5$ I think you will receive 136$

Ah yes, I see now. Ok. Good to know, thank you very much!

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That is correct. Fiverr takes 20%.

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page where everything is explained in great detail.

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Why did you expect to earn 150 on a 160 order? Where did you pull that number from? Read the terms of service before you start selling.

Well thank you as well for commenting.
I just thought so as I did some very small sales, which of course took only a tiny portion - 10 euro’s - from the total amount. That’s where I pulled that number from.
I read the terms of service just now Visualstudios.

It’s 20%. Reading the TOS is mandatory when you create the profile.

I’m happy there’s one soul on this planet who does.

Fiverr takes20% like 1$ on each of 5$