How much does it cost to sell on Fiverr?


How much does Fiverr take out of each sale? Do they take a percentage of each sale? Is there a price to sell on here?


WOW! This info was REALLY hard to find!


Reply to @constanceworks: It’s very clearly written in the Terms of Service, which you agree to when you sign up with Fiverr. There is a link to the TOS on every page of the Fiverr website.


I find it hard to find as well. I would highly appreciate if you could quote the section here.


Found in Terms of Service, section Sellers, Basics:

“Each order you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with a net revenue of 80% of the purchase amount.”

In other words, Fiverr takes 20%.


20% is too much… I completed first order for 10 $ and earned 8$… After it they charge you for Paypal or bank transfer…


I disagree. 20% is more than fair, especially when you get to keep 80% of every sale. Keep in mind too, this is Fiverr’s website. They are entitled to keep 20% percentage of what you make, since they are providing you a space to sell your services, and listing your services for others to find in the marketplace and categories.

You agreed to these percentages when you signed up with Fiverr.


You can always create your own website, sell your services there, and keep all the profits.