How much does mutual cancellation hurt?


I recently had an order cancelled. One of the buyers asked me for cancellation of the order after a day he ordered stating that he misunderstood the gig. I don’t think my gigs are confusing but i had to cancel the order half way through my work. How much does this kinds of cancellation hurts my profile? Statistically how many cancelled orders are still ok out of 50 or 100? Any predictions probably?


Mutual cancellations does not affect your account.

Did you cancellation rate increase?


No, it didn’t increase.


There you go then.

Fiverr always wants you to solve any issues with your buyer by yourself FIRST, that is why the Resolution Center is there for the issues.

Mutual Cancellations do not affect your gig, UNLESS, there has been a serious issue with the buyer, because not many people know this but the buyer gets an option to leave a anonymous feedback after accepting the cancellation.

So THAT can affect your gig if the buyer decides to leave NEGATIVE feedback on the CANCELLED gig.

So best thing to do is always be professional and POLITE and give a thorough, understanding, reasonable but NEUTRAL reason for any Mutual Cancellation. This way you do not provoke a buyer unnecessarily and have them give you a negative feedback on it.

Hope I was clarifying enough.


go to your analytics and it will show you order cancellation rate. If the cancellation rate is high then it will effect your profile but if it’s 0 then you don’t have to worry about it.
It happens to me a lot of time i cancel more than 5 to 6 order but my cancellation rate is zero and my profile is ok :slight_smile: