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How much does the location of the seller matter in writing gigs?

While I am from India, my entire education has been in English, and I know it better than my mother-tongue. Will my location deter me from getting more orders for my writing gigs? Please let me know! :grin:


Well, for my opinion it depends, if you do errors like “i are the goddest player in the world” yes; anyway i don’t know how your location can deter you from getting orders.
Basically you just have to get trust from people, i saw a lot of gigs created by not english people getting a lot of positive reviews.


That’s a grave error indeed hahaha, thanks for answering my query! Are there any other such influences apart from the location that I should look out for?

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I think not, but if you want to learn a lot of things about fiverr, for my opinion, this course is very valid:

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Alright, thanks again! :grin:

One of the most successful writers on Fiverr is from India (he’s a Top Rated Seller, too). :slight_smile:


That’s really inspiring! Thanks for letting me know. :blush:

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When I read this post that Writer was the first person I thought of! :wink: