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How Much Does This Cost?

I get at least one (I’m lucky if it’s only one) message per day asking me how much it would cost to…XYZ.

My prices are clearly stated in the gig descriptions and I grow tired of answering the same question over and over again. There is no real question here, just a short low-rage rant. That is all.

Yup. Tons of people always ask about pricing, regardless of the clear details on our pages. Although it is repetitive, I agree; its better to have them ask, then to make an order that barely covers their request. Working on fiverr or Walmart… customer service is customer service… you end up dealing with the same situations over and over again.

I get that a lot too, and messages “related” to the gig in question, which clearly states how many words I do per $5. And they usually have the text they want translated in a document so they can see the word count themselves. I think for the most part, it is people who want you to sort of go “oh hey, a potential buyer! I will entice them with a lower rate so that they will order!” and then give them a discount.

That said, I tend to not mind if people contact me in advance, if only because then I can make sure that they are fully aware of my prices. And if they ask how long it will take me (as they most often do, and probably is the main reason for why they are contacting me) I can also add in that I offer return within 24-hours guarantee if they also purchase my express gig. So hey, win for me.

But I agree that it is annoying when you get a lot of those messages, that they should be able to answer themselves if they just read the gig, and they don’t even lead to a sale.

I’d also rather they ask but when they ask and get an answer, I’d like them to follow that. I’ve had a few recently who get the answer to their question and order with more than I do for $5 anyway!

Honestly, I prefer people that ask me how much so and so would cost. Usually this means they’re interested in spending more than your average $5 order. You can increase your profit margin significantly by listening to what they’re asking, adding on additional things you can do for them, and setting a higher price-tag. I am actually working on making some custom gigs as people keep asking me to bundle services more in bulk and set a higher price. So next time someone asks you how much so and so is for, tell them. “Well, so and so is this, but for $20 more I can offer this.” =)

I’m sort of new to Fiverr (only used it once - bad experience), and am a buyer, I don’t sell my services. So, I’d like to ask all of you, what happens if you get people who ask “what my budget is”? It’s confusing to me. I really do know that I’m not going to pay just $5, it’s usually much more, but if I say I have a budget of $1,000, they will most likely (and have) told me “your job will cost $600”. I’m just asking for reviews, I’m not asking for web development or code research. Also, when I’m typing messages to sellers, I get a red warning stating not to ask how much or accept amounts from people or my account can be discontinued. Extremely confused.

Oh, so it’s just making sure Fiverr does not get stiffed. Makes sense. Okay, I thought I was doing something wrong and I’m not able to get any real pricing. Thanks.

Reply to @jerzdevs: Some words get red warning, like “money”, “pay”, “skype”, “email”, or anything that might indicate attempt to pay outside of Fiverr, or get someone’s personal contact information.