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How much effort/struggle does it take to get the first order?

I’m new at fiverr market place. Although in my category I have a great experience & skill because of my academic career.But as we know to get the first order we have to suffer a lot.How much effort/struggle does it take to get the first order? I’m seeking views for and against.



  Yeah we need for improvements.

Try to be more active on fiverr. Atleast 14 hours a day. Promote your gigs on social media.


Not worked this trick i have tried many Times.


Send quality buyer request to those requests Which is matched with your expertise.


:heart:Keep patience, Give quality buyer request,Be Active on Fiverr Forum 10-12 hours :heart:


This is meaningless. When someone likes/saves your gig, it’s so they can return to it later and potentially make a purchase. It serves no other purpose and doesn’t help you any other way.

Being online for 10 hours a day doesn’t do anything either. Even if a potential buyer is searching gigs by who is online, they will likely choose the person with the more professional looking gig. Instead try spending those 10 hours on improving your overall gig.


There is no trick. The biggest effort/struggle in getting your first order is creating a high quality gig page with no spelling/grammar errors. Also, if you’re trying to sell something that 500 other people are also selling you need to describe what sets you apart from everyone else. What makes you different to the 499 other people?


Suffer how? :rofl: Who told you that?

Anyway, there’s no rule. Some get their first order on their first day on Fiverr, some wait for weeks or months, some never get any orders.


Try t be more active always on fiverr and marketing your gig in social platdorm.


Thank you sir.This information will help me in many ways.

There is no quick and easy way to get orders!

Also, there aren’t any tricks!

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!

You have to Be a Doer. That’s it!


12 hour active in forum and fiverr…
it will be helpful for you

This is a Fiverr myth!

Check this out: Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!

All new sellers need to watch the above video!


Probably as much as it was helpful for you… And you have no sales yet.


What kind of tricks you taking about?Can you please explain it?
Thank you

Stay activ in fiverr and also in forum. and u can share your service in social media too. this will help a lot.

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How do you know what really helps when you don’t have any sales yet?

Yes i have suffered a lot and i’m still suffering now. :grimacing:

I did a lot of marketing to get first order but after that i got my first order through buyer request.
After doing some gig ranks i got order but i’m still sufferings it seems because of some fiverr bugs.

If you get any issues you’ll not get CS support until reaching top rated. So for newbies it’s challenging
But some of seller got order quickly. Only skill here don’t work, you may need some luck to play around in fiverr…just saying …:wink:

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