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How Much Fast You Guys In Logo Designs

I am Can Design A Great Logo In 1 Hour


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Yes, we know that with a template it’s not an impossible task.


Is 1-hour logo design really an attractive proposition?

I think I’d prefer it if somebody took a day or two on my logo, going over every pixel to make sure it’s perfect.

Still, good luck with your gig.


No not a template letter or calligraphy logo’s have no templates :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

In your samples I see a substantial amount of complex graphic surrounding the lettering.
Is it material of yours?


yes of course dear all materiel are mine and i have vector file’s of these too…:yum:

at least 24 -72 hours according to the complexity of graphics

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Have you ever uploaded any logo to dreamstine or depositphotos?

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no i have a filicker

And are all the logos in your portfolio, yours?

yes all are mine and all vector file’s i have too

I am asking because I saw 1 in two different sites.

which 1 …? and what you mean about 1…?


i make it with pen tool

Alos GROW PRODUCTION logo, you really shold use your own artwork in portflio…

yes that’s all mine i have the vector file’s

And some other logos in your portfolio can be found online and also available at other reputable designer website. If all those work are yours, they have been stolen by many website :hushed: