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How much favorites affect in ranking?

I need answer

None to my knowledge.

I think he means “favorites” on the gigs. You know the little hearts located in the right top corner.

In my opinion they influence ranking very much!

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As far as I am aware they are an element of the ranking process I do not know how much but it does not hurt to get people to favourite your gigs.

Fiverr Gig ranking system is simple … more $ you make, the higher you will rank in the categories.

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It would seem it would be true but it is not based on earnings. I think it is decisions by staff combined with fiverr search algorithm.

its depends on your earning …

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Yes I agree, but it is 80% fiverr search algorithm and 20% fiverr staff

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and Fiverr search algorithm ranks gigs based on ratings and favorites mostly, then by money…
while Fiverr staff ranks the gigs and gives levels and “featured” badges based on quality of work and customer service

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None but contributes to your overall reputation to potential buyers

It depends on how quality and unique the order delivered is

It is not quality of work. It is not earnings. It is not ratings. It is not customer service. It is not how unique it is. None of these.

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It’s depend on your sell and earning .

It has nothing at all to do with your earnings.

I have a little red heart sign on one of my gig. I am getting more orders with this particular gig compare to other. I don’t know how it appears.

Some people claim it has an effect but I don’t know of any way it actually benefits sellers. Favorites are like bookmarks to find a gig that you like and that’s it. Once in awhile you can find favorite collections through Google which has no effect on Fiverr ranking. When I find them on Google the appearance of the collection isn’t appealing so I doubt that helps anyone much.

Just to be clear in case anyone suggests asking for favorites, you can ask buyers to favorite. You can not ask for favorites on the forums as the threads always turn into spam nests so they are not allowed. :slight_smile:

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Search algorithm is not public, it changes, and favorites are not a factor.

Would be great if there was a basic text to be found which explains all those little things and how they could influence sales or rankings on Fiverr. A little manual sort of speak with some of the inns and outs. (Something for the suggestion box).

Yes I know it is not public, if it was public, we would’ve all know the tricks and used them in our favor. I’m just saying what I think based on my experience and based on my experience I strongly think that favorites are a factor!

Besides my experience there is a logical explanation. The number of reviews and favorites are part of the website’s code. Fiverr indexes them to count the relevancy of the gig. They wouldn’t be a factor if there isn’t a number of favorites on each gig. But there is, so I think they influence rankings.

I cannot say categorically that favorites affect gig ranking…but I kinda think is one of the factors combined with others that really matter, ratings, response time, quality of jobs, customer satisfaction and I think fiverr staff also have their hands in the rating and They want us to think that all this ranking is been done by algorithm…but I kinda of disagree…when you do some searches yourself…you will see a gig with few ratings appear on the first page and when you scroll down you come across gigs with more ratings…why? …so only fiverr know exactly what and what rank gigs…my one cent opinion…