How much fees on Quantity of same Gig?


Hello everybody, I’m a seller and wanted to buy a Gig, I already know that now fee is 2$ for one order, So 5$ gig would be charged 7$, 10$ Gig would be charged 12$ and so on, I need to know if I order 5$ Gig, quantity=4, so total would be 20$ [4x5$] plus Fee of how much ?! ,would be 22$ or [4x7$=28$] , Thanks in advance, Jane



If I am not mistaken, it will cost you:

EDIT: Sorry, I was mistaken. From @uxreview 's post, you can see that it costs only $22 in total. Good news! :smile:


2$ per each item of the quantity? not only per each order? … So sad.


You mean $5 gig and quantity 4 in the same order?

You can try it out yourself. You don’t need to make the order just check the price.


Oh uxreview thanks so much, I’ll buy for the first time so wasn’t sure when I’ll be charged , didn’t try to proceed before being aware of everything, Regards


Hi Jane, I just wanted to add that depending on the delivery time on the gig, you may want to be nice and ask the seller first if they are able to deliver your requested multiples within the displayed time frame.

In some (I hope most) categories, the delivery time gets automatically adapted when a buyer orders multiples, but in mine, unfortunately, you as the seller aren’t able to set a reasonable max on how many multiples of your gig buyers can order, and the delivery time doesn’t adapt automatically to the higher number of (for example, words to be translated), so the seller may not be able to fulfill the order in the time the gig shows.

If the delivery time changed automatically when you clicked the multiples, or if you buy something where time doesn’t much matter, of course, ignore this. Hope you’ll get a great delivery in either case! :slight_smile:


Thanks miiil so much, I’ve figured out everything with the seller so no worry about timer :slight_smile: