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How much fiverr take as service charge

I want to know how much Fiverr takes form us as a service charge.

because as I know Fiverr takes 1$ from each 5$ and 2$ from each 10$ order from us.
and also takes money from each time when any buyer gives us tips.

but today I noticed that Fiverr took 24$ as service charge from a 72$ order ( 60$ order + 12$ tip)

can anyone tell me?


20% of all earnings. That means if you get a tip 20% is deducted from that as well.


Read the terms of service. It’s all explained there. Here’s the link: .


thank you…sir…

sir… will you please tell me why my seller account is not increasing? actually, this could be a bug and I registered multiple reports about this issue. but no one even replied to me yet. will you please tell me what should I do? actually, some buyer only trusts higher level sellers.

These articles may help you .


thanks …and btw… this is probably a new bug… because… i got my full money which is 58$, few second ago…bot on the order page it says… i got only 48$( tip not included there) :heart_eyes:

Okay , there’s quite a few articles here… that have been linked in the previous post … but you could first try going here whenever you unsure about something.

Don’t count on keeping it.