How much gig impression can make a sale?


What is the actual meaning of Gig Impression? what is different between Gig Impression and Gig view?

and how much gig impression can make me a sale?

Can anybody help


While you’re fairly new, you want to be making a sale every 30-50 clicks. Gig impression doesn’t affect that directly, but it’s almost certain the more impressions you get, the more clicks you’ll get too.


Reply to @sara1984: I think you are making some mistake, in my account on of my gig, i have get only 16 click with 5 orders, another gig i have get 31 click with no order, so what will you say about this?


Reply to @apexservice: It’s an average, not a guarantee. A 2-3% conversion rate is the minimum you want to be aiming for. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get one sale every 30 views exactly. It will even out over time though. Assuming a gig is optimized for success.


Reply to @sara1984: Thanks for your suggestion.