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How much have Gig Extras impacted your sales?


I say “BRAVO” Fiverr for adding this feature several months ago! For all the suggestions we have and a complaint or two about buyers, let’s give credit where credit is due !

I love love love getting an order and then seeing the Add-Ons pile up ! +5, +20, +10 they need it as a rush job.

Awesome !

Thanks Fiverr >>> My revenues have easily doubled since these extras were added. How about you ?


Yes the extras on my gig are awesome and I am/was so thankful when I was given the ability to offer them. When someone just orders the $5 Family tree gig all they get is just a chart with their ancestors but when they order the extras they will get documents, photos and military records if those items are found. Usually if they just order the $5 family tree gig and nothing else, if I find photos or documents I think they may want I send them a message stating I found them and they can order the extras


I agree, it is a nice way to be creative about what you can offer on Fiverr.


This is a super cool feature. But without the proper extras, you would end up gaining nothing. Provided you add attractive and useful extras, it’s useful.


As of late the gig extras and multiple orders are helping me tremendously. I offer a variety of gigs including logos, blog writing, and helping people write essays and articles. The gig extras literally help me out tremendously! :slight_smile: For anyone not taking advantage of the gig extras or the live portfolio features they need to!


People tend to just want the main gigs for me - although some do want multiples. I have one regular buyer who orders one of my extras every time though.


ya it’s all good i like getting gig extras. it’s quite exhilarating!


I have never had anyone buy my extra but that is probably because it is not really needed as my main gig is pretty thorough! I tend to get quite a few multiple orders which is good though! :slight_smile:


Hahaha, Yes, Gig Extras are the BOMB DIGGITY.

It’s the element of Fiverr that makes this a business.

IF we couldn’t “contact” buyers and couldn’t Sell more this would be a much less happy place.


Well, one guy gave me a gig extra of 10$ on a gig that didnt need it… but i didnt complain! lol


Not much, but a good amount :slight_smile:


Don’t really make much from it but its better then nothing :smiley:


Gig Extras have been awesome for my revenue! I went from $64 in December to $204 in January. Love it!