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How much have you made from Affiliate program?

Just out of curiosity, has anyone made actual consistent passive income from Fiverr’s affiliate program? If so what are the ways you do it? I am testing it out and don’t see a lot of success stories out there.


That’s probably because most Fiverr sellers are poor at marketing and don’t understand how to get affiliate sales.

Also, the benefits of this program are poor compared to many affiliate programs. Many skilled affiliate marketers wouldn’t be attracted to it.


which affiliate programs you say they attracted to?

I plan on starting to use the affiliate program soon, but so far I have made quite a bit of money using the BYOB feature, which is part of the affiliate program.


It is hard. On my old crypto website (which was a parody of awfulness) I started to make a small killing in affiliate marketing income. I have no idea how if I’m honest. Because of that, I overhauled the whole site but I’m yet to make a penny since doing so.

Likely this is because I have let my blog posting schedule lapse. In either case, you do really need to be on the ball with marketing and 100% committed to generating affiliate marketing income. A lot of people don’t understand this.

You can get lucky like I did with my old site. However, to get places, you really need to do a lot more than post an affiliate link here and there.

I’m not sure that I would consider the benefits of Fiverr’s program poor. To be honest, I just steer clear of it because I can’t see how i wouldn’t put myself at risk of Fiverr penalizing me for driving traffic to my own gigs and potentially communicating with clients off-Fiverr, (In the case where they find my site first.)

What I would really like is some specific guidelines for sellers concerning how to use the affiliate marketing program.


Affiliate marketing isn’t passive unless you have a traffic generating top notch well used website. And keeping that website running and generating traffic is anything but passive. It’s constant work.

It seems difficult to me to use fiverr’s program since it involves not just driving traffic to fiverr but driving the right traffic to fiverr that will result in sales. And your link for your affiliate sales will need to be either on an entrepreneurial website, or it will be on a site where small business people are looking for services, both of which are not something many have access to if they get an appreciable amount of traffic.

You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing but you need a lot of skills in websites, SEO, and other things to make it work for you.
For those who know what they are doing or have some experience with websites, it is probably worthwhile, but the traffic needs to be targeted to fiverr in some way.

I am not sharing that. What I’m saying is that the Fiverr Affiliate program doesn’t have attractive terms. You only get commission for that person’s first purchase.

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Yeah most people will just take it as license to spam.

It’s not about you sharing it, there is many affiliate programs if you lookup in google, it’s not about your source, I am not sure if it’s okay to share it here or not.

Anyway, most of big and reliable affiliate programs are considered, it’s not about the percentage, as you might not get paid at the end.

Most of big affiliate programs is amazon and eBay as most known, but for the services as fiverr, it’s rare to find such thing as this.

It IS about sharing because you have to stick to programs that are related to what your particular audience wants to see. No one wants to follow a blog or social media account that talks about random things and that wouldn’t engage your target audience, anyway. People want value, interesting content and relevance.

Yes it is about both the percentage and the frequency of payments because those things are what give you a good return on investment. If you spend a lot of time and only get a few commissions, they need to pay well to justify the time and resources you spent.

Being a successful affiliate marketer is a lot of hard work and also a lot of risk and you need to make sure the payoff is worth that.

I’m not going to put hours into something if I only get one payment per new customer. It isn’t worth it to me, personally.

Amazon’s affiliate program is terrible. You’d have to have huge traffic and engagement to get a remotely decent profit from that. Just because a company is big and popular, that doesn’t mean the program is more likely to give you a good return. It can be quite the contrary.

There are affiliate programs that pay $25 per sale generated from your affiliate link. So for that amount it’s worth it and worth doing as a full time job as long as you are able to get the right target audience.

Certainly. You have to weigh the time and resources against the income.

It’s a better investment if you get it for more than just the customer’s first sale, though. Recurring commissions rock and are a safer investment because you acquire fewer sales/clients to get the pay off and the income becomes passive.