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How much have you made on Fiverr so far?

Hello sellers!

Just a little curious at how much everyone has made on Fiverr since starting out, and how much they make on average per month!

Since selling in September of 2014, I have made over $50,000 USD and probablu average $2.5k a month.

At first when I started selling, I had the occasional sale of $5 here and there (didn’t we all?) so although it’s been over 3 years of selling, I wouldn’t do the math of $2.5k x 72 months. Also, some months are better than others!

This is for sellers comfortable sharing this info!


8 dollar within 20 days.

$16 - I made my first sale after 7hrs. of joining Fiverr and I believe that was my luck :wink:


I made my first and the only one yet within 14 hours.

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That’s cool :money_mouth_face::wink:

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Would you mind telling us the exact figure @writer99025? We all would love to know.

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No problem! (20 characters)

I have made $89 in 21 days


Nosy! :nose: (20 char)


I won’t say details, but I will say there are 4 digits.


We all know @writer99025 is making millions :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

Writer be rolling in the dough like:


In my opinion, we shouldn’t discuss the exact value that we have earned. Also, it isn’t a relative factor.

Someone living in Germany might make $3000, which wouldn’t be a lot of money for there. Someone in let’s say in the Middle East might live like a god with that amount of money. Therefore, if someone makes $500 a month in Eastern Europe/East Asia it is the same as a person in Germany that would earn $5000 a month. I hope that I am clear. lol :slight_smile:


Trust me you aren’t. I think people have the wrong idea about how money works. If something in Germany costs $50 it costs 5000rs in Pakistan. Even the locally made stuff is way to expensive nowadays. The price of KFC, Subway and other fast food places is exactly the same here as they’re in USA.
Living in Ais doesn’t mean that Foreign money has more value, it means your screwed either way.


LOL! :zipper_mouth_face:: Don’t say this to someone with a big nose in real life. It hurts :slightly_frowning_face:


That would make sense, otherwise we’d all work minimum wage for a week, get 200$, then travel to a poorer country and live like a king. That pretty much doesn’t happen as far as I know.

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I meant about the standard cost of living, and the services cost less in Pakistan than in Germany.

That’s correct what would cost in Germany 500 euros, it would be the same value in Macedonia (phones, computer parts). We have only Burger King, which is about 20-30% cheaper than Burger King in Greece (McDonald’s closed their shops, due to a licensing dispute). If you were to get a beer in a bar in Germany, you would have to pay more than 3 euros, while in Macedonia you can get the same beer in a bar for 1.5 euros. Starbucks in Serbia is somewhat cheaper to Starbucks in Greece.

I did an experiment because I live in the capital city, I have gone for a week in a smaller, less-populated city. Although, the prices in the supermarkets are almost the same. I have spent less, than what I spend in my city. Cup of coffee costs $2 in my city, while in the smaller city it was $0.7. A meal at a fancy restaurant in my city would cost you $30, while in the smaller city you would be good to go with $10. :slight_smile:

You can take Bratislava and Vienna for comparison. Just 80 KM’s away.

Hotel in Vienna, $80 per night, hotel in Bratislava $35 per night. I talk about the same hotel chain in a hotel with the same stars.

In general, the food prices in the supermarkets branded clothes, and tech stuff cost the same in every country.

NOTE: Having a salary of $800 in Macedonia is awesome and you can do a lot of stuff. Earning those $800 in Germany would be nothing.

Locally made stuff here are 3x cheaper.

I dream of moving to Sri Lanka or Indonesia or Thailand. It’s a lower cost of living there but I know I would be too homesick.


Do you still live in Malta? Or you are back to Uncle Sam?

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I never lived in Malta lol. I’m not sure where it is. :smile:

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