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How much have you made on Fiverr so far?

I think that your profile showed Malta when I joined the Forum. Maybe it is some kind of a confusion. lol Anyways, sorry. :slight_smile:

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Yep! in Sri Lanka it’s very low. I’ve made $260 in my first month and its enough for me to get my own apartment, consumables and support my travel costs.

Edit: Even the water consumption is cheap. Around $0.3 per month :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wish I could live like a God with $3000 in either of these places.

I think you are going by the numbers shown by the World Bank and CIA. Although, those numbers are pretty much reliable. We have a severe inequality here. You will find some of the richest people of the world in the city that I live in. We have some of the biggest bungalows here in the Lutyens Delhi and then there are slums just a few minutes away from there where millions and millions of people live in abject poverty.

I was making USD 5000 a month back in 2007 when I was only 16 doing SEO for my cousin’s real estate agency, when SEO was a nearly never heard term for the average people in the capital of the country. I used to think what I make is chachki looking at them German and English cars riding by. The luxury cars cost here thrice here compared to their prices in United States.

I do not talk about a luxurious life. I talk about having a normal life.

Countries I have visited: Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Greece, and United States. Everything I have said is from my own observations and communications with the locals.

I know your country has one of the highest contrast in the world. I have a pen friend from India, which is member on this forum, and we have discussed things like that.

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Yeah, go wonder. Locally made stuff in a 1st world country is cheaper than the locally made stuff in a 3rd world country.
Having a salary of $2000 in Pakistan barely makes you middle class. I had to learn that the hard way. In summers, the bill is around $300, the rent is $250, tuition costs $400 a damn month and I’m barely keeping up here man. The standard cost of living in a 3rd world country is much higher than a 1st world country.

…now you’re just showing off. I truly envy you.

Rents here start at over $1200 a month. Utilities with internet would be about $250 a month. College tuition: $15000 to $25000 a year.

LOL! World War 3 started between 3rd World Countries and 1st World Countries right here on Fiverr. While the ones from the 2nd World are sipping their mocktails watching their favorite show.

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I meant for a relatively small apartment with like 3 rooms. When I say tuition I mean for high school which my brother and sister go to so that’s $500, Did I mention medication here is crazy insane expensive like INSANELY EXPENSIVE?
A damn pizza costs $30…that’s not cool.

There is no 2nd World you’re either on team A or Team B pick a side or be the referee.

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I mean for a tiny hole of an apartment with living room bedroom and tiny tiny kitchen and bathroom. One you can walk the length of in 20 steps or less. And good luck finding one for $1200 because they go in one day.

Most are more in the $2000 and up range.

A pizza delivered is about $22 plus a tip to the delivery guy of 20%.

LOL! Where is the thread going?

Read this -

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Seriously, where on earth are you living! New York? Brighton? Find somewhere cheap. I literally live in the desolate part of town.
So pizza here is more expensive :frowning: How much do KFC hot wings cost?

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Somewhere near *******I think.

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Yeah, that explains it. I got relative in Virginia paying $550 for a really dope house in the suburbs.

I have got a cousin in Hendersonville that has a family of 3, makes around 10k a month and lives a really good and comfortable life.

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I don’t know about this first world vs. third world stuff - where I live, the way I live, is very much first world. But just a few blocks away is third world. For a long time I used to get depressed at how my people - Indians - struggled, about the poverty etc. But I realized that there is no point in getting upset about things I have no control over. Even God would get depressed if He starts worrying about other people’s problems. I am just happy in my own life, working out in the morning (which I started yesterday :slight_smile: ), writing articles, watching cricket/football on TV, going out for coffee at Cafe Coffee Day near my home (Indian version of Starbucks), looking after my investments and generally having a relaxed lifestyle. I finally gave up following the news and the social media and find myself at peace. I suggest the same to @misscrystal.


Don’t forget about the Barista, brah. Bhai’s favorite coffee shop. All the bhaitards love that place because their god visits that place almost daily.

Good that you have given up the news. Our Hindi TV News Channels are unbelievably funny most of the times. They talk billions like its peanuts.

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What part of Virginia?

That I do not know but the neighborhood looked pretty safe.

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How did you made dear could you please suggest me how I can earn my first order.thanks in advanced

I don’t know dear, how I made. I just made.