How much I can get done for how many gigs?


I’m new in Fiverr and I need to do photoshop to 15 -20 pictures , maybe more, to use in a website. How many gigs I need to buy to get the job done? How many gigs for a picture? How does this work?



You should visit related gigs then you will be able to decide how many orders are required to do so. Because different sellers are providing variety of services with different quantity. Hope you got it.



Each gig offered is different.

You need to search “Photoshop” on Fiverr and comb thru the results to find a Seller you think can do the job for you.

Contact them and explain what you need.

Good luck! :slight_smile:




Reply to @dadaiu:

Hey Dadaiu,

Send me a message, I have a gig for Photoshop needs. Send me a PM with the details and I’ll send you a price, and help you out! I’ll give you a bulk discount as well.


I can help you as well.