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How much important to use offer template?

I’m a new seller in fiverr. I have seen offer template option on my Fiverr dashboard. How much important to use offer template? & How it’s use it properly I don’t know please help me to give your valuable information or tips.


It’s much more valuable to personalize to the buyer and their problem.

Humans engage with humans.


Can you give more tips about it?

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Where? I do not see it on my dashboard. Can you post a screenshot? :thinking:

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Its better to give a screenshot and describe it more detail so we can trace your problem. And also give suggestion.


Please look it up in the forum. It has been answered hundreds of times here.


Please give those link

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Come on now… Stop expecting other people to do all your work for you!

Part of being a freelancer is taking the time and effort to educate yourself. You don’t simply sit there and ask other people to do all the research for you because you can’t be bothered! You have a computer, you have access to the forum, and there’s a search button up there at the top of the screen.

Go and do your research!


Thanks & I understood what did you want to say.

Check this out: as a starting point.

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No. We aren’t your assistants. Enter the search terms in the search bar. If you don’t even want to do that you are in trouble. Sales requires initiative.


I found the template today. It appears only on my cellphone and not on my computer. :wink:

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I don’t get it either in pc or mobile…

Maybe Fiverr is testing it? :thinking: