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How much impression i need normally?

I have 770 impression, 90 clicks, 162 views. i have complete only one order. i want more order. what can i do?

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You asked “how much impressions you need normally”, I guess a good answer would be around 57,000,000 impressions. That seems reasonable to me. Surely, if you sit back and wait for that many impressions, I bet you’ll get one sale.

Or you could just market and promote your gigs. That works too.


I had less than 50 impressios last month. Still got some orders. Just activated a gig after two weeks it got only 2 impressions and 5 views. What ever sales I make on Fiverr are now totally from repeat customers. But on my blog site I get both new and repaet customers. I do similar marketing for both. But why this difference? I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with Fiverr algorithms.

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770 impressions since Dec 2017? Perhaps you need to optimize your gig description with targeted keywords in your category. Create a twitter page dedicated to your Fiverr service and promote it.

Also for the FAQ, I would suggest you use small caps for the questions.

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thank you @jonbaas. h

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