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How much impressions and clicks should be there on newly published gigs?

I am new to Fiverr and have created my gigs a few days ago(4-5 days). On certain keywords, my gigs are getting 60+ impressions and more or less 10 clicks per day. I am concerned, in the very initial days, how my gigs are performing. Is the performance satisfactory or should I worry about it?
Your answers and suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.


we can’t answer what is good or bad.
A gig which is on the first page, can get 1K impression per day, &100+ clicks
and a gig on the last page, can get 0 impression & 0 clicks for weeks


Yes, you are right. But one can’t rank on the first page in just 4-5 days. It is just the start, and I am concerned, whether or not it is a healthy start.

It is all about gig rank. You can check in analytics is your gig impression is increased or decreased day by day. By this, you will get a basic idea about your gig ranking.

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For chosen keywords, two of my gigs are ranking on first pages today. I will keep a close eye on analytics.

Impression depends on views,… Its can be change by day by day…If you Marketin your gig in social media it can be increas…

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No one knows the Complex Algorithm of fiverr, If person use search by keywords and tags to search, i have more then 2 years on fiverr, sometimes i feel as tags and your skills are used to get your gigs in search tags. because sometime even using same title , your gig won’t be on top. but if the Buyer go to category -> subcategory etc and your gig appears on good rank. so that’s all matters. i asked fiverr support once and they said as what matters is your continuous 5 stars, your good response time, your cancellation rate and few more things. so fiverr obviously takes your gigs once on top to have you first buyer. because if one thing matters, then obviously more stared gigs and top ranked people will always be on top. so that doesn’t matter. try not to loose your first client. because according to my observation, if a new buyer will come to your inbox and it converts into an order. your will surely get another one. so try not to let that person go which came to yoru inbox. it depends on your conversation at last. so impressions clicks etc all go up when your profile rank will be good in fiverr’s eye, fiverr will take your gigs on top on weekly basis or daily basis for some time. so don’t worry about it all more. just take care of your communication skill and don’t let any buyer to go away. buyer will surely listen you if your profile is as more strong and attractive and shows like a brand instead of a single person working on cheap rates as a freelancer. thankyou


Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will keep them in mind. As far as the first order is concerned, I have already won it through an offer sent to a buyer, on the very day I created my gigs. The task was completed and a 5 star rating was achieved successfully.

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Graet… Congratulations bro… Keep it up… Best of Luck. :heavy_heart_exclamation: