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How much is commission?

I had a buyer place an order for a basic gig ($5) plus fast delivery ($5) and a premium image ($10) with a total order value of $20.

At the end, I received $10.50 of payment, what went on here?

Check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the main page and you will find the answers to your questions.

Fiver typically charges 20% per order. Any added extra will also be charged this 20%. You should contact customer support if it doesn’t add up. I hope this helps

16$ in normally you got 80%

Fiver pays you $2.50 if your Buyer orders a Getty image.

So your commission is 80% of $10 and $2.50 for the $10.00 Getty Image.

That’s $10.50.

If you spend the $10.50 on Fiverr gigs, you get to use all of it.

If you withdraw money, you pay processing fees.

And don’t get me started on taxes!