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How much is Fiverr taking from me?

I just finished my first gig I made $100 jingle for a client who had a special event I completed the task and under the time the client was very happy and tipped me twenty bucks at the top of my page it says congratulations you made 96 bucks which means that Fiverr took $24. I thought I had read that the fee was much smaller that Fiverr would charge. This client did not come from Fiverr they were a listener from my weekly podcast and many of my clients if not most of my clients would always come from this source so if this is the type of percentage that Fiverr robs from its creators I’ll just stick with patreon and PayPal. I’ve looked online and I’ve seen quite a few post that say that Fiverr takes 20% if that’s true that’s absolutely awful. It’s bad enough that a talent that I spent my entire life creating and working on is reduced to Pennies on the dollar for what people usually get paid to create content of this nature. And then to have the website that manages it turn around and stick it to you more, I’ll just go work at McDonald’s. At least they give you a free order of fries every shift


Yes Fiverr takes 20% from orders and 20% from tips (plus an additional service charge but that’s just from the buyer, not from the price the seller selects).


It’s true, and you should know this since it is stated in theTerms of Service you were supposed to read, and agreed to, when joining Fiverr.

It’s your choice, no one will stop you.


OR you can set prices to $125 to account for the loss.

20% is what most freelance platforms take, it’s nothing new or unusual.


You can set your own prices though and get the price that people usually get paid. Nobody is setting your prices too low except yourself.

“These are our conditions, sign up if you want, don’t sign up if you have an issue with them” is essentially what Fiverr says, nobody is sticking anything to anyone or robbing you.

The other platforms might work better for you if you are only serving your own clients but the beauty of Fiverr is that you can get clients without any real effort to find them.


It’s not awful at all. Fiverr doesn’t owe you a platform to generate business. They have a business to run. No one is “robbing” you. Come on…

Your McDonalds point shows you need to learn more about how to compensate for expenses and scale your business.


I’ll be honest, yeaaars ago when I first started I thought 20% was pretty big.
The basic $5 orders were OK, but when I started getting much bigger orders I felt like the
20% was huge, and I was even disappointed when I found out that same rules are applied to the tips. I wasn’t happy with it, but heck, those are the rules, and Fiverr provided me with all the necessary platform etc, and they need to pay their staffs too!

Once I started getting a steady number of orders I raised my price and now
I’m OK with it.
I’ve never worked at Mc Donald’s so I can’t say which is better though…


Fiverr brought you a $100 client. If you’re able to do that on your own, you don’t need Fiverr.

20% is fair for a website that charges no membership fee.

Other websites have fees for everything, on Thumbtack you have to buy bid credits. If you want to spend money to make money, there are plenty of websites designed for that.

As for Patreon, I don’t get that website. Is it for people supporting artists? Why would I want to support anyone? I’m not a charity.

If I need something, I just hire it on Fiverr.


Patreon diss is definitely merited. Some creators make their living off of that, but few of them even offer rewards worth what they’re reaping from their patrons.

You don’t have to be a charity to support someone’s work if you like what they do. It gets you certain exclusive content (custom works, things you won’t buy anywhere else, etc.) and the tiers start from $1/month.

That being said, Patreon is full of people who get thousands of dollars for just existing and being “an internet personality” or whatever, and this is where the site at times loses me as well.

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Fiverr is facilitating a safe and secure platform for you to do business for which they are charging a mere 20% as service charge. This is totally worth it imo

If you have a source of followers and prospects and you consistently bring them on Fiverr, that means that you must need Fiverr to process everything for you. Otherwise why not set up your own website and back end to handle invoices, payment, file transfers, notifications, etc.

So paying the 20% fee is the cost of doing business for you.

You can set your prices as high as you value your talent, no one said you need to charge pennies.

If I were you I’d look into the BYOB program.

It let’s you keep 100% of the money you earn, as long as you bring in customers from your podcast or wherever, using a special link.


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know…I’m sure you also read all the TOS when you buy a video game or download an app too before ever clicking “accept”…:smiley:
But, I erred in my sign up process study. Some of us clicked without all the reading…my bad.

Add additional money to a clients fee to make up for the over gouging of the platform company is pretty poor treatment of your customers.
That what sellers tried to do when ebay raised it’s %…which is still way lower than Fiverr for the exact same format.
Ebay 3-12%
Etsy 8% Notice that craft creators and artists went to Etsy in droves when ebay went up.
20% is sick for a review based platform.
Don’t fall for the hype! Stand up REBEL!! :smiley:

Fiverr is a spin off of ebay and etsy and both of those platforms rely on the SELLER to attract enough buyers that sellers will sell their products their and allow the website to manage the transaction.
Both charge way less than Fiverr.
Fiverr is not getting you any customers. Creators are creating a place that customers go to, to find you.
And NOBODY will find you on Fiverr unless you dominate reviews and undersell yourself to get those reviews in hopes that it places you higher up the list so you can eventually raise your prices.
We are sheep and people are getting very rich on our backs.
Stand up! Fight! Don’t settle for suffering.
Change is not made by giving up and going with the flow!
The sleeper must awake!! :smiley:

Ebay 3-12%
Etsy 8% for the same format.
Voice/acting agent is an actual human that gets on the phone to find you gigs and they only get 10%
Fight the system…Fiverr cannot exist without you!
20% is not acceptable to process a transaction!
You can do it!
It’s so easy to roll over and seductive. But in the end future generations of creators will benefit from not being robbed! :smiley:

Respectfully, as someone who has a made decent income here without selling my soul or compromising my beliefs, without bowing down to the man or grazing with the flock, I feel I’m probably more likely to be right than you are about what Fiverr is and isn’t.

Fiverr does a large amount of promotion and advertising to bring people to the platform.
I do my own promotion too but I can safely say that 80% or more of my Fiverr customers have come through Fiverr without me bringing them to the platform.

When it comes to choosing Cost of sales vs 20% Fiverr fees, it is far more profitable to me when I just pay the Fiverr fee for jobs I get. There is no contest.


Frank…have you seen “Dune”?
The matrix? :smiley:
I know my rant is falling on mostly deaf ears.
Tired creators that really wanted to make it, but didn’t, so now we are here trying to at least get SOMETHING for our talents and decades of no pay creating.
But 20% is wrong.
Ebay and Etsy…same thing…way smaller %.
If nobody stands up and says it, people will just keep bleeding our talent and making us feel as though this is the best we can do.
I’m not ready to give up.
Thank you for your comment…:smiley:
I will go back to direct methods for my listeners to get their jingles.
I’m just grumpy and tired of a well established system that I’m basically powerless over. lol

It’s the second time this week someone’s trying to start a revolution over the most basic freelance principles here. Is it related to Black Friday/Thanksgiving? :slight_smile:

I’m Slavic, I’m genuinely curious.