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How much is my gig really worth?


So I’ve been selling on Fiverr for about 7 or 8 months now. I’ve made about 27 sales, with my gig being at 4.8 stars currently. I make about 3 sales per month.

I’ve been selling my Profile Picture gig for $5 up until now, though I’ve recently been considering increasing the price (Presumably to $10-15). I spend an average of 4 or 5 hours on each order, and people tend to be very happy with my work. I’m just not sure if my service is good enough to warrant an increased price, especially considering how competitive the logo design market is.

If I’m still too small to increase my price, at what point do you believe I can? Or maybe I should make different tiers instead of straight increase the price (Profile Picture $5, Banner $10, both for $15)?

I was also wondering if a higher price would attract more attention. A cheap gig makes people think that they are getting a lower quality product, despite my hard work and effort.

You can review my work here:

Thank you very much!


One only increases prices when we have so much orders that we barely have time to do anything else and feel like it’s unfair to have that much work for little pay. Your time is worthy, but if you don’t have many orders now, increasing prices will decrease the odds of new orders. I’m also very cheap right now, but that’s because there’s too much competition and it’s only temporary solution until I max out resources and eventually increase my price.


If you feel your value is worth the price, up it. Forget this have to wait stuff. You have to value your work and if you think your work it valuable, charge accordingly. Used to be a time here $5 was the expected price and you could not have packages with different prices. Times have changed. You have some feedback, and you have a portfolio now. So let people see your value and charge for it. Start with a small increase and see how it goes.


Selling for $5 on Fiverr in 2020 when it takes even an hour to complete an order is the fastest way to go insane.

Up your prices. Just make sure that you are delivering the best quality you can. If your quality is lacking, your buyers will let you know.


as everyone else said if you don’t feel anymore that its worth your time spending 4 hours for 5$ then up your prices.
And I strongly believe that no one should work for 5$.
in a lot of countries minimum hourly wedge is at least 6-9$.

if you are looking for a feedback for your gig then I have good and bad news.
good news that you have your own style and it’s consistent.
bad news you are lacking quality. from the first glance you can see that your deliveries are quite low quality so probably it is time to learn photoshop or even illustrator to be able to provide quality work and files. right now what you are delivering can be used for personal use or like twitch channels(that’s me giving you an idea right now to expand your services :wink: but your quality wouldn’t be enough for professional companies to use your deliveries for anything.
So it’s your choice on how you would like to grow or if you are comfortable with a target audience you have right now and amount of orders you are getting within that niche


People have mostly covered what I would say here.
The work looks like fine enough graphic design work. I think it’s up to you if you want to update to higher prices (hint: I upped my prices to $10 minimum within two months on Fiverr) but definitely one way to pad a $5 order is not to offer free revisions. If the person wants something more than five minutes of work, they can pay you for the (probably doubled) time spent making a new logo. I’m only just learning to stick to this kind of rule whoopsie.


Your gig price, it depends on your philosophy for “how scale up a business”
What works good for others doesn’t mean it works for you also because it depends on many conditions and variables.


I agreed with you 100%


First of all you are the one who can really value your work. I suggest that you count how much time you need to complete each kind of order and price it in a way that you can feel that you don’t offer too much for too little. Sales on Fiverr should rather be a win-win situation.

And you can have a base gig for $5 and then price your packages and gig-extras for more. This way new or suspicious buyers can get a change to check you out first (communication, speed, quality etc) and then order for more.

I hope that helps