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How much is possible to earn on fiverr?

I wonder what the potential of fiverr is for a seller. It would be nice to hear about personal experiences.


Q: How long is a piece of string?

A: It depends on a lot of variables.

Fiverr earnings are up to you. By the math, if you do 1 gig an hour, 24/7 (168 gigs / week), you’ll earn $672 / week. For some that’s good money, for others it’s not. But I don’t know you or your overall plan. A successful Fiverr seller offers upgrades and additional services for additional charges. Instead of seeing Fiverr as your SOLE income stream, view it as a form of marketing with a low introductory price. The biggest hurdle is getting people to pony up that first transaction. After that, your relationship with the customer changes. For example, a Fiverr seller offering logo design services in low res JPG ($5), then upsells the original Photoshop files ($20), banner ads ($50), blog theme design ($100), web site design ($200), etc. A Fiverr merely starts the bigger business relationship. Or a music Fiverr who will sing 10 sec of a custom song ($5), write the lyrics to a 30-sec commercial jingle ($50) or offer the full commercial jingle w music ($100). What’s the potential of Fiverr for a seller? That depends. What’s your FULL offer?

Reply to @voiceoverwork: That’s why I’m asking for personal experience. :wink:


It’s none of anyone’s business what anyone makes on Fiverr, and the question has been asked Ad nauseam on this Forum. And an open public Forum is not a good place for that.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Well, if you don’t want to share your experience, maybe someone else likes. For me it wouldn’t be a big issue if I’d have decent experience with fiverr to share my thoughts about it. Numbers don’t even have to be too accurate.

Reply to @stansev: So you would be satisfied with fake numbers? Again this question is asked frequently and it is still none of anyone’s business what someone else makes. In fact, we have had people publicly displaying their income only to come back crying on the forum that their accounts were hacked and all of their money was stolen.

Therefore it remains a terrible idea to post what you make and an impolite question to be asked.

Reply to @cheezees: Well. Seems fiverr is not as good as I thought. The only thing I wanted to get to know here is if it is worth to put my energy on this website. Doesn’t seem so in this atmosphere here, otherwise you guys would be more relaxed. I really don’t understand this fuss here.And sorry for openly writing about my feelings.

What I meant was “not exact” number, and not “fake” numbers. Or not numbers at all, just experiences.

If an account gets hacked it’s the problem of fiverr after all - maybe they should consider improving their security. A One-Time-Password would be an option. Just a thought after all.

Reply to @stansev:

If you spend a few minutes browsing the Fiverr site, the Forum and the Fiverr Blog you will see many accounts of Sellers that bought houses, cars, 60 inch big screen tvs and much more. You will also see Sellers with Zero sales or as many 10,000+ sales.

As far as the question behind the question “if it is worth to put my energy on this website”, I believe many Sellers would answer yes, and judging by the seemingly large number of Sellers that fail here, just as many would probably say no.

@stansev How much do you make in your job? Tell me what you do for a living so I can decide if I want to put in the effort and do that for awhile.