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How Much Is The "Fiverr Tax" For Buyers?

I’m looking to bring some outside clients into Fiverr, but it just occurred to me that they will be paying slightly more because of Fiverr’s fees (and I will be earning 20% less).

Can someone update me on the current fees for purchasing a gig? Is it $0.50 total or $0.50/$5 (or something else)?

Note: I’m aware that spending funds already in your Fiverr account (from selling a gig, etc.) means you won’t pay fees when placing an order, but this exception won’t apply to my clients.

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I believe all buyers pay 1$ extra per order. Sellers pay 1$ for every 5$ earned. I may be wrong though, but that is what I heard.

The processing fee is minimum of $1 or 5%, whichever is higher.

A $5, $10, $15, $20 gigs will all cost me $1.00.

Anything higher, I pay 5%.

Any tip at end of order is considered a separate transaction for me, therefore line 1 applies.

Buyers can save money by using shopping cart for several $5 purchases from single seller or multiple sellers.

Thank you both! :slight_smile:

I was originally going to bring some clients in for the convenience of the payment system and automatic pricing features, but I think I’ll keep them off-site for now. It’s not that much extra, but I don’t feel comfortable asking my long-time clients to pay more just because it simplifies things on my end.

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20% for any amount, but on some location they charge $.50 rather $1