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How much is too much for a logo design on fiverr?

am running into pricing issue especially for one of my gigs, and many customer tents to go for a cheaper version for a logo design despite high views and impressions, I am sure someone brought up this topic before, and this is by far the most underrated topic! if you can shear how to go about pricing your gigs please feel free to send some of your suggestion as am looking to promote my pricing else were on social media and friends circle! thanks!

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I think that when choosing prices, you should always consider your competition! Take some time to check out how much other Level 2 sellers or sellers with lots of reviews are charging for their logo! If it was me, I probably wouldn’t spend $815 on a logo, but everybody has their own preferences!

You are charging more than a lot of Pro sellers in the category, so it won’t work. “Too much” doesn’t exist in a vacuum, some companies will pay millions for branding. But they probably won’t do it on Fiverr, and those who do will probably go to the Pro TRS sellers.


Thank you for sharing the most important tips. I’ll try to follow those tips.

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