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How much is withheld from Tips & Earnings

As far as earnings is concerned I’m aware that Fiverr holds 80% of your earnings for a clearing period. My question is do you ever get the full 80% that’s owed to you, because so far my experience is different. For example if I complete a gig for $5 I get tipped for $8 and 80% of that is $10.40, which I figure is Fiverr’s service fee of 20% percent, but Fiverr is only clearing $6.40. Is there a standard percentage taken from tips and if so can someone explain how this process works because it’s not really making any sense to me at the moment.

$6.40 is 80% of $8. Tips and gigs are separated in the earnings, so you should get $4 for the order and $6.40 for the tip.


Okay, thank you so much for clarifying. I didn’t notice the other transaction. So basically it’s 20% for the gig order and 20% for any additional funds.

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Pretty much, yes.

Many of us didn’t, and it took us a bit of time to figure it out. :slight_smile:

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