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How much is your monthly EXPENSE?

Hey, How much is your monthly expense? My expense is around $100.


My monthly expense is very low .Only 50$


My monthly expenses maybe the lowest $5 or $10.


I am so confused right now. Are y’all really talking about “EXPENSES”? (Your monthly expenses surely cannot be only $5 or $100 right?)

Or, perhaps, you meant “EARNINGS”? :thinking:


$500 but only because I’m super cheap.


Where do you live? Imaginary world?


Business expenses? Software licenses, online services and such?

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Hi @hanshuber16

Although maybe you are right and there has been a confusion between expenses and earning, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone had $100 monthly expense. It all depends in the country you live, the currency exchange and the social class you belong to.

For instance, in my country, Venezuela, $1 is 23% more than the minimun monthly wage. From here you can understand that most of the population CAN live with $100 or even much less.


Wow, I had no idea. Thanks for the info. :+1: @maitasun

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Your country sounds heavenly. However, aren’t prices of consumable goods still relative to a certain degree? i.e. World grain prices aren’t lowered for Venezuela. As such it should still cost the same as it does in the U.S. to bake a loaf of bread, feed livestock, humans etc. - Not an ideal example but I am curious.

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$70 - $100 per month… Buhaha…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Previously I got at about 300$ from here… Now I’m getting $150…!!! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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Where do you live friend? 1950AC…??

In some rural parts of my country, people can live with $5-10 per month and I believe in some parts of the world, people have similar situation.
They live in self-sufficient life style. No electric bill, no internet fee, no nothing.
They only purchase some very essential items, such as lighter or salt.
And the only tools they need are knife and hoe.
Of course it’s not a comfortable life but they can still live with it.
Funnily, many own smartphones.

Some pics from my friend who is a volunteer teacher there:


Wouldn’t that already eliminate Fiverr users?

P.S: I know what you mean though :wink:


I have lived this life and I found it much more comfortable than anything else. It’s just the bugs I couldn’t handle.


I just share some information that people can still live with $5-10 and they can access internet without the need of electricity, ha.
Of course that doesn’t apply to me or other fiverr users.


Agree. Many city folks even pay to live this life.


Not at all… It used to be heavenly, sadly, now it’s hell on earth! :cry:

I don’t know much about prices worldwide but I can give you some relations but not all because they change by the day :cry:

Just as an example:
1kg of 1st class meet costs $1.35 and represents 166% of the mmw.
1kg of powder milk costs $1.89 and represents 233% of the mmw.
1kg of white bread costs $$0.85
5kg of powder soap costs $10… make the math :roll_eyes:

I took my Toyota Land Cruiser to the workshop to be fully repaired, oil changed included and I just expended less than $50. Now, I must say that all my earnings are in $, if they weren’t, I wouldn’t be able to do it.

It’s is a long and very sad story what is happening in my country, once proud, well prepared, highly skilled and growing big…

Edit: Inadvertently I wrote a decimal point as at the same time I was answering, I was also handling numbers for other things and didn’t notice the error until I read @dilsea. Now it’s fixed.

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I spend a very simple life style. In my country you can spend luxurious life with $1000.

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On the upside you have an abundance of natural resources and all the countries to your north east and west are sitting on a massive debt time bomb. People with resources always win. You just have to be resilient in the interim. :slight_smile:

Also, just to compare prices, I pay:

$1.10 for 500 grams of white bread
$8 - 13 for 1kg of good meat
& $6 - $7 per pack of cigarettes

In this case, it would be very advantageous for me to consider moving to your country.