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How Much Maximum Tip You Got From A Buyer?

I hope you all will be fine surely!

My question is that how much Maximum you got the tip from a single buyer.

I got 80$ today from a buyer. I even did not ask her for this. I only worked hard and extra and she was so happy.

So it’s mine tip do some extra and get some extra and also a long term clients. I have 40 long term clients. When they required any website or logo they always came to me and also refer me to their friends and other.

so stay calm and get the reward.

Any suggestion will be accepted and welcomed.

Thank you,

Kind regards,
Abdul Rehman

Congratulations! I got $100 once.

Congratulation you too :slight_smile: best of luck for future and always tell us a way for better and better Job

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

an almighty 20.00 and I was over the moon!
tips re-affirm my dwindling faith in humanity haha


Good for you…I got $100 tip for a $$55 dollar job. I was shocked, but pleased.

$15! The original order was $5 but the guy was very happy.

I got $100 for a $200 job once. Usually I keep on getting $20 tip for $120-150 offer but I never over-delivered. I even tell my buyers that I will not throw any extra work. I just deliver what I promise. I assume that buyers in my niche usually think that getting quality work is not easy on fiverr. I should admit that tips makes me feel very happy.

today I got $20 :slight_smile:


My maximum tip till now is $45 on a $10 order from a buyer who again tipped me the same amount on his second order. LoL.

I never Got tip from buyer :frowning: but Hope I will Get Rewarded soon . :slight_smile:

$40 on $5 work, The buyer love my desgin and reward me :smiley:


$20 once for the flyer design…

none but i hope i get one day

Are your sure, there is no maximum limit? I did the ingredient research for this client he was so thrilled he tipped me 25$ the review was you deserve way more but the maximum tip is 25$. Ever since he has been my long term client and has always referred me to many clients that brought revenues over 600$

Yes one can give custom tip. There are three options actually: $5, 10 and custom tip. I myself have tipped the sellers, so I know.

once i got $175 for a $200 job :slight_smile:

10-15$, not that much but felt very happy!