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How much money did or have you invested in fiverr?

So I was just thinking of how much money I had to cough up in order to make sure that I could do what I do best without interference.
I realized that if I calculate the cost of everything I use right now it sums up to 500$. Next month when I fully buy and set up everything it will amount to a total of around 5000$.
This calculation is for electronics only I did not include rent, internet and such stuff.


Well, I did not invest anything yet, but in near future I’m planning to buy new computer which will be used for work on Fiverr, but not at all only for Fiverr, so it’s hard to tell. :wink: But let’s say I earned $300 on Fiverr by now and I will invest all this money (+my own money of course) for equipment to work on Fiverr. :wink:


I didn’t invest yet. But i planning to get new i phone😊

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No money (yet), ‘only’ time. Everything I need/ed for my gigs up to now I had/would have already for my non fiverr work anyhow. That’s pretty cool, one of the things I love about fiverr. You don’t even need paper, pens, envelopes, stamps, calling cards and such stuff. I love paperless offices.


New laptop, internet, MS Office - that’s it. But I would have spent money on them even if I wasn’t on Fiverr.


Did not make a count and actually I - like so many others - invested more than money on other working platforms until I started making money from Freelancer then Fiverr. I could NOT have a mind or time to think about counting my expenses during the beginning phase of uncertainty with data gathering and executing many things with no income … No I considered about growing my business and stabilize my weekly earning curve as a start. The only thing which is certain that I earned the cash paid in my new laptop after 3 months :smile:

Got this arse about tit–invest in YOUR business, not Fiverr.


Let’s see…so far, I think a little under 1000 yen, so about 10 dollars at the most??
I already had my laptop and tablet before I joined Fiverr, and the only thing I bought were some
colored papers and small pins for my clothesline gig, and all of them were bought at Daiso.

Likie Mila said, so far it’s been mainly time that I’ve been investing.

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I invested in desktop, software and for broadband…and as @writer99025 said…i would have invested in them for my freelance work.


i havn’t invested a single bill on fiverr but made more than 15k in a year

the question wasn’t about how much you have made.

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Apart from a subscription for a stock music site, nada.
But Fiverr has made me realize that I’m in dire need for a 2nd screen.