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How much money did you make on November?

Hello Everyone,

There is a lot of NEW users everday on Fiverr, and we see their topic, “New on Fiverr” Some of them don’t really believe in freelancing, some of them hesitate a lot and others are super confident !

Let’s publicly say how much we earned last month, and most of all how much time it took us (not to receive the order but time it takes to finish the order)

I personally made on November 76$ for maximum 10 to 15 hours / month

And you how much did you make ?

PS 1 : Talking about money isn’t taboo, if you aint comfortable talking about money, you will never be comfortable putting price on your work with your client.

PS 2 : Last time i started a Topic and got popular on the platform but some “weak” people flagged me and thought that it was inappropriate, as well as PS1 you never be comfortable about such subjects you will never be a good entrepreneur.

I gave you the truth, now do what you will.


I made on November 52$ for maximum 10 to 15 hours / in a day :cry:


Oh waw, Amazing amount of money gathered but what do you do that take you 15 hour a day and most of all how many orders did you have ? because here your effort is worthless according your working time


If i have an advise for the new ones that may ready this lines, now that 5$ services are literally none sense and waste of time. Understand that your money equals your time NOT your service.


I made $89.60! I’m not really sure how long I worked this month because I don’t keep track!


I don’t really care about saying how much I made.
I made around 440$ net income. As for the time, I don’t really know. I don’t have a clear schedule, and I don’t really pay attention to how much time I spend on a drawing. I just draw until it’s finished, so some take more than others, and sometimes I was waiting for the buyer to approve the sketch, before drawing more so…it’s really hard to say.


Actually it was a really bad month. Only about $1000. 20-30 hours for the whole month.


Amazing amount gathered ! I checked your profile your work is impressive, think to publish more gigs

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How can this possible?


I am not understanding your question.


What’s not a taboo in some cultures, it’s in other. Asking for someone how much he made doesn’t make any sense.


Here we go again :expressionless:


Than move on.

I like the thread.


Who gave you tread I just wanted to know you earn moch money like this.I did in my 3 years life around 336 from fiverr.

Maybe it is because of your communication skills? I am not unterstanding a single word.


How can this possible?

He isn’t offering a logo gig for 5$.
Be smart.


I started with only one gig, because I wanted to test the water. I didn’t want to risk being overrun by orders. Now that things have calmed down a bit I’m preparing my other gigs.

The thing is, I stopped drawing for a good time, so a lot of my drawings in my actual portfolio are outdated. They no longer represent my current skills, so I don’t want to use them.

In other words, I’m currently drawing samples for my other futur gigs and it takes a little bit of time. :sweat_smile:


I’m not smart. Buyer is smarter than me because he is hiding how much money he has :laughing:

Never ask people three:

  • How much you earn.
  • What’s your future plan.
  • Where are you going.

Take that never for you brother, Honestly !

  • Enough to live comfortably
  • To plan for the futur
  • In the kitchen making myself another coffee

Sorry I had to, I couldn’t resist. :rofl: