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How much money enough for withdraw?


I have 164 $ in my account . First time I am going for withdraw. But getting massage" You don’t have enough gains for withdrawal."Please help me .


$164 should be more than enough, there are minimum limits but those are much lower.

Is that the amount that appears next to your profile picture on top of the page? If yes, you’ll have to ask support.

If it’s not the amount showing there but money that hasn’t yet cleared, you’ll have to wait for it to show as “Funds Cleared” on the Earnings page (14 days from date of completion to clearance).


On the Earning page, 164 $ As “Fund Cleared” yesterday I Attach My payoneer Account
with fiverr same time fiverr tell It will take maximum 3 days. Today when I try to open Bank transfer button. It is not open and I get the massage “You don’t have enough gains for withdrawal.”


Maximum of 3 days doesn’t always seem correct, may have to do with time zones, there are posts by people who said it took 4 days for them.
I’d wait another day, then it probably will appear next to your profile pic and you’ll be able to withdraw it. If not, ask support.


I’m not quite sure what you’re saying. Did you start a transfer to Payoneer? In that case, the bank transfer wouldn’t work because the funds are already slated for a Payoneer withdrawal.