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How Much Money Would You Like to Make on Fiverr?


Apologies in advance for the possibly misleading title of this post. I simply didn’t know how else to phrase this question.

Do you remember when you set up your Fiverr seller account and there was a question asking something like “how much money you’d like to earn monthly on Fiverr?” It had options like $1-500, $500-1000, $1000-5000 or something like that. I remember thinking, well I don’t think I can make much more than $500 a month so that’s the option I clicked. Here I am a year later and I have this tiny suspicion that whichever option you initially choose actually limits you in the ranking algorithm. Perhaps you get sorted into a tier that will never allow you to grow too much past a certain point. My gig does seem to top out in that range each month.

This is just a theory, but I was wondering if anyone had similar thoughts. Does this sound plausible or am I being paranoid? Or is my gig just not that good? :smile:

Definitely wish I would have chosen the “sky is the limit” option.


I don’t think so.


I think here could be possibility it takes that into account as one of the factors. Maybe it also uses that to estimate your availability for gigs. eg. whether you intend it as a full time job or only occasional part time work.

What they could/should do is say how the answer to that question will be used.


Yes, and offer a way to change your answer.


My initial idea is to make 500-1000$ for some extra income, but if things turn out good, I’d obviously prefer to stay home and work rather than spend time traveling etc.
Problem is, as you mentioned, the algorithm is pretty strange and I have 7 gigs and all of them have 0 views. Idk why is that…


If the 0 views are for a long time (eg. 0 views in 30 days) you could contact support and ask them to check if your gigs are in the search index. Plus try searching for them too to check.


Like half a day, but it’s pretty strange. I had another gig some 2 years ago or smth, and it was instantly hundreds of views etc.


It might be that there hasn’t been recent activity (orders/offers etc.). If you send offers to BR that will help with orders and may then help with search position after completion of the orders.


Exactly what I was thinking. I think they’d likely want you to earn as much as possible because that’s good for everyone. This is only a tiny suspicion. Probably not the case.

As far as your 7 gigs, I have heard that having too many different gigs can possibly hurt your ranking. It can look amateurish to try to offer lots of different things rather than specializing in just a few similar things.


Sorry for my ignorance uk1000, what is BR?
Well, I’m a very curious guy, what can I do :slight_smile: There’s a 7 gigs limit, I can actually add 7 more :slight_smile:


BR is Buyer Requests under the selling tab.


Personally, I believe Fiverr asks that question at sign-up merely as a way to gauge how serious a certain seller might be. Then, perhaps, they compare that answer down the road with how successful the seller actually proves to be. In all, though, I highly doubt the option chosen actually has any functional limit upon seller success – it’s just a data point for Fiverr to use in their own internal processes.