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How much of time does Fiverr took to send a warning after TOS violation

I am a seller in Fiverr. I have sent a message to a another seller as a reply to his Buyer request.
I have submitted this in community forum. According to the community replies for that topic, I understood that Messaging to a seller directly for aware him about my gig services is violation of Fiverr TOS. I did that because I’m a new for Fiverr and my ignorance about Fiverr TOS. But I try my best to protect TOS from now.

So, the thing I want to know from Community is,
Even I Violate a TOS because of my ignorance, there is no any warning from fiverr until now.
( The above I mentioned thing happened before 24 hours from now. )

So, I want to know , is Fiverr will send me a warning too later or is they ignore this. ???

( However I should respect to TOS from now. because I have read it after this)

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I don’t know it. But I am also want to know this information.

So, Both of us looking forward to a reply from another.

If you were replying to a buyer request the you are fine. Sellers are also allowed to buy services on Fiverr. If they were looking for someone to complete a job for them and posted a buyer request, then you done nothing wrong replying to it.

If you send a seller a direct message, that is when a violation occurs.

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Thanks j6nyc6…

But some other’s tell I have violated the TOS by messaging to him to instead of sending a offer for that buyer request.

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If you sent the buyer a direct message instead of replying to their Buyer Request, yes you did break TOS. However, if the buyer chooses to not report you then Fiverr will not give you a warning.

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There is no need to make a duplicate topic.

You can just add to your existing topic on the same subject.

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I thought this sounded familiar…

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Thanks You all for helping :slightly_smiling_face: