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How much online required at fiverr?

Tell me minimum hours


That would be none.

I got my first gig order when I’d forgotten all about my account.

These days I get most orders while I’m asleep.


And I’m sure living a balanced life, full of rest and other fun activities, allows you to create better work, meaning buyers are happy to keep hiring you.


Well … I don’t like to brag … :blush:


By the way, are you asking this question in relation to your gig disappearing from search?

I don’t think active time on Fiverr has anything to do with that. Many sellers have experienced a drop in gig ranking. Some have attributed it to late deliveries or cancellations. Others think it’s just natural rotation in order to give everybody some exposure.

Some buyers must search for online sellers, otherwise that feature wouldn’t exist. If you want to make an effort to appear online, you can do that. But I don’t think any minimum period of being online is required. People don’t come to this forum and say “I spent 4 weeks staying online 20 hours a day, now my gig is on page 1 and I’m successful!”


Should I design a new gig like the previous that has lost?

There is no relationship between length of time online and sales.

Fiverr makes sellers discoverable who meet the company’s business objectives, not because they were online for a certain length of time. Think of it this way: would you buy a product or endorse a product simply because the provider was online? Consumers don’t buy that way, so companies don’t reward them with a higher ranking for doing that.

Plenty of sellers here purposely make themselves online 24/7 because they think that will make sales more likely. Then there are sellers like me who are seldom online on Fiverr and we get inquiries and sales. Focus on things like your value proposition and your differentiation in the market.


it’s depend on your professionality

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Please rephrase. What do you mean by “it”? Also, “professionality” isn’t a word.

We don’t know what you’re trying to say.

Disagree , why has fiverr added a switch to filter online sellers? , When starting out on fiverr it is advised to be online most of the times in order to establish your gig and after which Fiverr makes you discoverable even if you are offline

Being online increases the chance of getting an order but it does not mean that you will get an order all time.

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Because it’s for people who want to talk to someone right now. The existence of a filter doesn’t mean that sellers who conform to that filter are more likely to get sales. There is a filter for purple on a page for a sweater I like. Does that mean that people are more likely to buy the purple shirt? No.

Yes, Fiverr has an “Online filter” but just because someone selects that filter and you are in the results for that, but that doesn’t mean you’re more likely to get sales. Select the “Online” filter for any gig and you’ll see on the first page of the “Recommended” results page after page of sellers who don’t get sales at all and have no reviews and their gig titles are full of grammar errors. They’re only online because someone told them they should be. But being online is the only thing they have that buyers want.

Fulfilling a filter term means nothing if thousands of other sellers are doing the very same thing, especially the unprofessional sellers. Only unprofessional sellers stay online all time. So good buyers know that isn’t a good way to find quality sellers. And good buyers generally don’t care if someone is online at the same time they’re browsing. If you want quality, you aim for quality. You don’t give the job to someone simply because they answer you fastest.


No it doesn’t. Please don’t say things you can’t corroborate.

It MAY help, but only if you don’t have many competitors doing the same thing and only if you are providing what people are looking for AND your target audience will only work with people who are online and respond while they have Fiverr open. There are many variables and it depends on many factors, so making blanket statements like this is untrue and irresponsible.


Thanks all good to see that you guys are helping

Yes More you online more chance to get more orders

If that’s the case, why are there so many sellers making posts like “No sales, been online 24/7”.

If you are online every hour of the day but your gig isn’t attractive to your potential clients, they will simply find another person who can deliver what they need.

I rather purchase a service from someone who isn’t online but has a professional gig set up, with a portfolio that looks up to date and eye catching, then from a seller who is online with a crappy looking gig.


No you create a New gig…