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How much Order can I receive from one client in one day on Fiverr?


I Have a client who works with me on another platform. She Joined Fiverr and asked how much order she can place to my profile in one day. She hires me randomly as her need.
Actually, I don’t know how much order can I receive from one client in one day.


As long as she has money to place the orders, infinity.

But the more important question is: Can you do a good job of working on the infinity orders placed? So the real answer, in my opinion, is up to you. How many orders can you can work on at a time without compromising on the quality of work?


There is also a possibility that he is is asking because he will take $5 $5 orders to increase the number of ratings. Maybe is he trying to play with the system.


Thank you for your kind information. She is vey comunative so she will ask me before placing the order.


I think more than more.